About Me:

I have about 4 years of modeling experience, mostly in erotica and fetish work, but I tend to lean toward the more artistic type of composition. I'm very laid back and open, comfortable with on-location as well as studio settings. I am open to semi-nudes, fetish, high-fashion fetish, and erotica as long as professionalism is maintained. I am very particular about nude sets and how I want them shot. I am not willing to do spread or penetration shots however. I am open to suggestions, but if you want to talk further then e-mail me with any questions.

I love leather, latex, silk, satin.......I generally like the more "goth" (dare I use the term) side of things...dark, ambient lighting, candles and such. I love corsetry and thi hi's....stockings, fishnet, opera gloves, boots...lotsa different stuff. However, lately I am finding that I have a lot of same-style photos and am trying to diversify, so if you have any ideas that I do not look like I would be interested in, by all means contact me! I want to hear your ideas and suggestions!

Modeling is a hobby of mine, and it is one I enjoy very much. I do take it seriously and learn something from every shoot I go to and schedule. I have a full-time job currently and do plan on attending school again starting January of 2009. I am here to have fun, and with you, create quality imagery.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to hear from you!