First Post! 02/19/2008

Thanks for checking out my website and your interest. Feel free to e-mail me or if you just want to say hi leave me a comment!





02/22/2008 22:06:15

Just wanted to say you have some lovely photos. I would love to see more there just beautiful.



08/04/2008 06:36:18

Just wanted to say hi. Nice profile on here and Bangme. I like your style AND JUST GIVE YOU A FEW PROOPS. Write me back on bankgme if you like or just use this e-mail addy.


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    Lest ye forget - Erzsebet

    I love the night
    It would murder My soul
    Should I ever fall blind
    For though thy flesh haunts
    I keep also in mind
    The stampede of clouds
    From Dusk's predatory sky

    -Cradle of Filth "Amor E Morte"


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