The Foot Fetishista

Hello again!

In the years that I have been active as a model, I have come to the realization that I LOVE a ladys leg & especially a high-heel clad foot. The higher the better!

I have since begun accepting privately commissioned work customized to YOUR particular foot fetish! The only limit is your imagination! Let it run wild!

I can do the following, for example:

*Bare feet
*Heels (I have quite a few pair!)
*All sorts of toenail polish in an endless variety of colors
*Liquid Latex

The only limit that I have myself, is that I exclude any male *bits* per se, from any of these commissioned works. I can & will do virtually ANYTHING else! 

As far as rates go, it's highly negotiable and depends on things such as how many photos you would like per set, what EXACTLY you would, supplies I use (if any), etc. If you would like something on a somewhat regular basis then I can certainly work with you on discounted rates. Discounted rates would apply after 3 purchased sets, simply because I cannot give discounts on word alone unfortunately. Keep in mind that if you have something very difficult for me to photograph myself, I will have to hire a photographer to assist @ $30/set (price stays the same no matter how few or how many photos are in the set). This is simply because I cannot ask someone to go out of their way & provide nothing in return, ya know?

That being said, contact me with any questions you have & again, I will do all I can to accommodate you!

~ Erzsebet