Chest: 44
Waist: 35
Hips: 42
Cup Size: C
Weight: 178
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Length: Long

I am available for fashion, hair, sport, lingerie, glamour, sheer, catalog, glamour nude, erotic nude, alternative, bondage and lifestyle type modeling.

I do not have implants and I have many body modifications.

Body Modifications:

Left Ear - 6 14g holes
Right Ear - 2 14g Holes & 4 16g
1 Tongue Barbell
2 14g Holes in Lower Lip (Snakebite)
Vertical Barbell in Each Nipple
Hoop Behind Barbell in Each Nipple

Inner Elbow Roses
Nautical Stars on Back/Side of Neck
Bathory Family Crest b/t Shoulder Blades
Cradle of Filth Goat Logo on Right Hip
Skinny Puppy Logo on Inner Left Wrist
Biohazard Symbol in Inner/Upper Right Arm
Sniper Crosshairs on Back of Neck
Tank Girl Tattoo on Inner/Upper Left Arm
Unfinished Dita Von Teese Pin-Up Girl on my Left Thigh
Song Lyrics on my Right Shoulder
Ministry Symbol on Right Wrist